Reviews that made me blush

Reviews of Cult of Chaos are pouring in on Facebook, over at Twitter, Goodreads, in blogs and media. So many places to find little cuddles of happiness for Anantya. These few in particular made me blush with happiness. Some are from friends who have no reason to be nasty or nice for that matter. And some are from strangers.

REVIEW 1: From a kind stranger

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If I could only use three alphabets to describe this book, they would be OMG. Oh My God!!! is the only exclamation that comes remotely close to describing my feeling after reading this book. While I have heard of writers having fantastic imaginations and amazing story telling skills, it is very rare that one comes across a writer having both of these, and trust me when I say this Shweta Taneja has both of these in abundance, and Cult of Chaos is surely proof of that.

I could gush on and on about how good the book is, and how wonderfully well it is paced and how it promises to be the start of an exciting new series of Anantya Tantrist mysteries, if she decides to write a sequel and many more books, but I would simply not be able to do any justice to the book itself, and all you readers of this review also would not understand or appreciate the same unless you read the book itself….

…To take a character like Anantya Tantrist and go ahead and put her in a chaotic dystopian future where tantriks, magic, rituals and humans co-exist in a somewhat fragile relationship was a masterstroke by the author. The richness of the author’s imagination clearly shines through in her description of the goings-on without having to resort to time-tried and tested tropes such as providing vivid descriptions of the environment, the cities, the people etc….

There’s more. Read the complete review on the kind fellow’s blog here.

REVIEW 2: From a friend who’s honest

Kalika read the book in a day, came over for tea and even gifted me a beautiful, beautiful bag. Just like that. And here’s what she said at Goodreads

‘I was really looking forward to this book not the least because it starred a badass woman Tantric detective (or Tantrist) from Delhi. Cult, Magic (Black and White), Murders et al, this is a book that graphically depicts it all in a simple language and style. It took me some time to get into the rhythm and characters and all the stuff that was shooting out from all sides but once I did, I just couldn’t put it down and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. And even though the protagonist hates the f-word (“feminist”), this is totally a celebration of feminism. And no, the blood, gore and violence didn’t bother me, so well did it sit in the story. I can’t wait to see what Anantya does next.’

Another friend posted over at Facebook. Thanks Krishna!

‘Hey Shweta, got the book and am at page 128. Wow quite a unique book and quite unputdownable, if it weren’t for my two kids and all the visitors over the weekend, I would have finished it. Amazingly creative! Well done!!! I love the character of Anantya – and all her quirkiness and the stuff about rakshasas, chandaali blood and what not. In every page there is something new and interesting. I am loving it. Maybe after my wife reads it she will write a nice review for the book.’


Over at Goodreads, I found two new reviews for the book. So much fun!
“Bizarre. Bewitching. Bold. (Mind) Blowing. Reading Cult Of Chaos has truly been an experience – flights of fantasy and imagination unbound to new worlds of supernatural terror, Tantric thrills and pulse pounding action. I’m gonna have to take a break, a few deep calming breathes before I can relive this and be sane enough to write a review. Phew!”
From Monika, who confesses to be a non-fantasy reader but still sort of likes the book
I really don’t understand Tantrics or black magic, Neither do they fascinate me in anyways. So I had my doubts when I picked this up. But the book was surprisingly good to read. Fast paced, interesting thriller. I did feel lost at times with many kinds of magic and techniques but the fact that the author has tried to build a world where tantrics, ausras and humans all live together and where technology is making use (or mis-use) of magic is fascinating.
Want to pick up your copy? Head to Cult of Chaos page to order. Meanwhile, let me bask a bit more in all these words of kindness and appreciation.