The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong

The book is about three children, Kartik, Opus and Tashi who live in the small town of Kurseong in West Bengal and what they do when they come up against the angry Iyer ghost who has the whole town scared. Published by Hachette India.


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  • “The story flows smoothly and Kartik’s detective skills keep the reader interested and curious till the very end.” – The Hindu
  • “Packed with equal amounts of humour and adventure, Shweta Taneja’s debut children’s novel makes for an entertaining read.” – Time Out Bengaluru 
  • “A breezy mystery that should appeal to its target audience.” – The New Indian Express
  • “The ambience has been skilfully created by the author and the plot moves at break-neck speed. The flow is spontaneous and riveting. The author has also added a caveat at the end, where she advices children against embarking upon such adventures. Well done!” – The Sunday Tribune
  • “A crisp, mysterious tale, the novel unravels a web of mystery, deceit, hoaxes and supernatural events.” – Business Standard
  • “This book is a must-read as it’s both entertaining and frightening.” – RobinAge: Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • “While the adults in this story play crucial roles, it’s the kids who carry the plot forward and that should appeal to the young readers.” –
  • “It was an entertaining and well paced book, keeping the reader engaged as the plot thickens and the mystery slowly unravels.” – 
  • “Shweta Taneja does justice to the small town flavour of her setting, reminding one, at some points, of RK Narayan’s Malgudi. Her characters are lively, curious, and lovable.”  –
  • “Shweta Taneja’s first book for children is an exhilarating detective tale, drenched in supernatural happenings.” – Citizen Matters
  • “The story is extremely spell binding and the suspense is upheld till the very last page…” –
  • “Even though, the story moves at a clipping pace, the author, still manages to gently squeeze in some important messages – namely, not to be carried away by superstition, and more important the dangers of gambling and how addicting it could become.” –
  • “The whole description of Kurseong makes me feel I am vacationing in hills. If you get what I am trying to say. Ruskin Bond books does that to me.” – Ruchi Budhiraja Warikoo
  • “Ghost Hunters is a brilliant debut in a space that Indian writers in English have for too long ignored.” – Kanishka Lahiri 
  • “This book brings me back to the days of children’s adventure stories of which i have read several in school.” – Ashwani Sharma 

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