Cult of Chaos available on preorder

I just came back from a lovely holiday in Orissa and knocked on my neighbour’s door with glee. Reason was a package of books they’d received for me when I was holidaying. Nothing unusual, except, these books were the ones I had been working on since the last two years. I am so thrilled, so bummed with emotion. It’s been like this ever since I held the first copy of Cult of Chaos in my hands. It’s there now, next to the owls. So it excites me to tell you all, dear readers that if you would like to, you can preorder the copy on Amazon // Flipkart // Infibeam //  URead. The copy will reach you by mid-January 2015.

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Look on my face when I got the first copy in my hands! Captured by ever-present, A.


The book’s main character, Anantya Tantrist, has become a friend through whose eyes I have the most marvellous of adventures.  Here’s hoping you can have a few too.

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