Diwali and book reviews

Ahh that time of the year again when one feels that she has just been churned out in a mixie and then put into a washing machine without washing powder. The only thing that was keeping me sane was that I was in the mountains. When I got down into the plains, these lovely reviews awaited me. The grins are on! Happy Diwali dear readers!

“Packed with equal amounts of humour and adventure, Shweta Taneja’s debut children’s novel makes for an entertaining read.” – Time Out Bengaluru 

“While the adults in this story play crucial roles, it’s the kids who carry the plot forward and that should appeal to the young readers.” – literarygrandrounds.com

“It was an entertaining and well paced book, keeping the reader engaged as the plot thickens and the mystery slowly unravels.” – thereaddicts.blogspot.in