Short story shortlisted in prestigious French awards

This is surreal at a serious level. A short story I wrote a couple of years back, The Daughter That Bleeds was translated in French as ‘La Fille qui saigne’ by Mikael Cabon and published in Galaxies magazine, an SFF fanzine in France. This happened last year and I was gleed at that point and then forgot about it.

I just found out that the translated short story has been selected for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Awards of 2020 in France. It has a hilarious tale attached to it.

Since I was not much aware of how dude-ness filled this award is, I saw the email from the kind editor, said, hmm and kept siping coffee. When I looked up the website a few hours later and saw the other names, I was amazed but could not be distracted as I had a tight deadline on another short story for an anthology (announcements soon). Today however, I left the writing of the day and Google translated and well, now I’m gleeing, and not working for the rest of the day.

Look at the other names alongside mine. I’m a huge fan of NK Jemisin and Ken Liu and Martha Wells. I can’t believe I’m seeing my name alongside them. Glee!

Also, a little funny to see a webpage where the only thing you can read is your name. For the rest, you have to use Google Translate, which translates the award as ‘Foreign News’ 🙂

You don’t need to use online translation’s bad code to read the short story. You can buy this anthology below to read it. It also has stories from top Asian writers. Buy here for deliveries in India

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