Open sky to open the soul



I have always felt that a daytrip out of the city, in sunshine, with the open sky above you and the green fields all around you, is the best way to rejuvenate your senses. I visited the awe-inspiring Somnathpura temple this weekend with a bunch of friends. It was my second visit to this ASI Heritage temple located near Mysore. It still completely flummoxed me with its beautiful and made my heart palpitate with wonder. The temple, done in the baroque-ian Hoysala style of architecture, is a mammoth of fine sculpturing. Can’t believe that this art was woefully lost in the dark tunnels of time. What I love about the temple is that all round it, there are scenes carved on the walls that include gods, goddesses, dancing girls, musicians, gurus, all kinds of animals. It kind of opens up my mind on the life that was led in those times (13th Century). Can you connect to people who lived in this same space some 800 years ago? Were they too like us, with emotions like us, or were they something completely different, with ethics completely different from us? Here are some pictures to keep you dreaming.


These pictures make me write new stories. I am always thankful for the beauty in this country to inspire.