Giving a talk at WorldCon 2019 + Evil Plan

It’s this week! I have some exciting news from my end. I’ve been invited to Dublin for WorldCon 2019, the biggest convention for the speculative fiction industry in the world, to give a talk on my work and on the work of emerging speculative fiction authors from South Asia. 

My talk will explore science and fantasy fiction voices from the South Asian community that are reworking the genre, playing with its tropes and redefining it by inverting colonial motifs.

I’m hoping to give this talk again in India sometime later this year or early next. Let’s see.

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This is where I’ve listed my evil plan during my talk to introduce them to the wonderful work being published in South Asia. Mhahaha.

WorldCon Schedule

TALK: Current trends in South Asian SFF

Format: Talk

15 Aug 2019, Thursday 15:00 – 15:50, Wicklow Hall-1 (CCD)

A talk on the current trends in South Asian fantasy and science fiction by the Indian novelist, graphic novelist, and journalist Shweta Taneja.

TALK: Kaffeeklatsch: Shweta Taneja

Format: Kaffeeklatsch

15 Aug 2019, Thursday 17:00 – 17:50, Level 3 Foyer (KK/LB) (CCD)

PANEL: Comparable futurist movements

Format: Panel

16 Aug 2019, Friday 17:00 – 17:50, Wicklow Room-2 (CCD)

How influenced by Afrofuturism are other world futurist movements such as Sinofuturism, Nippofuturism and Gulf futurism? Do they consider themselves a part of the same futurist tradition, or separate? The panel will discuss visions of the future from world cultures, how they are influenced by the root cultures they draw from, and how (if at all) they relate to Afrofuturism.