Photos: Book reading at EuroSchool

A month ago, I got a call from Anita, one of the ladies at my yoga class who also happens to be the English teacher at EuroSchool, Bangalore. She wanted to invite me to inaugurate their English Exhibition and also interact with students later one. I agreed of course. I rarely can say no to anyone, especially if someone is offering a cup of coffee, conversation with kids and a ribbon cutting opportunity!

After the ribbon cutting was over, I was surprised to find that the exhibition, which the students, all from nursery to nineth, had put up was EXTENSIVE. Each class had a theme from language to grammar to Shakespeare and the most macabre favourite, horror. There were kids dressed up as letters, rapping in the staircase, four-year-olds inviting you to play games of word-making and then handing you toffees as a reward.

Again, as happens quite often, I went in to give something, in this case, my experiences of being an author, but what I received rendered my giving tiny. The love, the kindness and the sheer creative hardwork these students and their teachers had put in their projects in English, was amazing. I remain fascinated and leave you with a few moments from my experience.

Thanks Anita, Shanthi and all the other teachers and students I interacted with for these moments.

Event in the news: ThisWeekBangalore, Times of India