Writing horror

Trying to write a horror story but the characters keep bringing in more drama in than a horror requires. Controlling the people is becoming a problem. An extract I will most probably delete from the story:

‘Oh my Gawd! Are you smiling Mr Mishra!’

Mohan looked up with a start. He had been so deeply sunk into his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed Mrs Gowda walk into the teacher’s room with her gang of lady teachers. It was almost lunch time, he noticed, looking up at the huge black clock on the broken wall at the far end.

‘What’s the special occasion, Mr Mishra. You seem to be smiling to yourself.’

Mrs Gowda looked excited at the prospect of needling Mr Mishra. Her breasts jutted out like beaks of twin crows from her black sari blouse. That and her huge body, draped in a tight chiffon sari, blocked the remnants of sunlight streaming from the window behind. Mohan looked up towards her sneering face.

‘Yes, yes, tell us Mr Mishra, we want to know too’ echoed the other me-toos who hung around Mrs Gowrah, looking up to her. His stretched lips sunk back into a frown.

‘No, Mrs Gowda. It was nothing.’

He hated this room. He hated these Pink Lizards. He wanted to throttle them all

‘Hmm. I seem to have made a mistake. Mr Mishra could never smile. He has no sense of humour.’ She said, laughing. The other girls followed their crow leader into a cacophony of laughter.

Most days, he would have been depressed by this. But he didn’t mind. Not today. Today, he had found the perfect solution. Murder. The path that will set him free. He stared on his computer screen and pretending to type.


He quickly pressed the Delete key looking around hurriedly to ensure that no one had noticed. It was definitely on his mind. Murder. He rolled the word in his tongue and smiled and puckered his lips. It was a delicious thought.

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  1. hey there. Landed here from Linkedin.

    Just curious: Who’s in his cross hairs? Brrr. Seems an interesting story.

    I tried horror writing for a short while, but ended up scaring myself silly. Never went back to it, not least due to nervousness in plumbing hitherto unexplored depths of the dark in my own mind. Takes courage to go there.

    So I delude myself nowadays – concepts for children’s animation features and that unmanageable idea for a humorous novel about a college reunion gone utterly awry. Oh well.

    1. Hey Prashanth! Nice to see you here. Have finished this story’s first draft and will edit it someday šŸ™‚ Writing horror is good fun! I also ended up scaring myself and felt completely silly. How it happened is I was thinking on a story while about to fall asleep and then I did and got some really scary nightmares!
      There are so many ideas which flutter into our heads. Frustrating and amazing both together. I usually give up on things on temporarily basis and then go back to them. Revise old ideas, work on it with a new vigour. That seems to help a bit I think šŸ™‚ Hope you complete one of these stories!

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