Book reviews – Oct 8

It’s always nice to read good things about the book you have written. And no, you can just not get enough of it. At least I can’t. If you have had enough of it, please skip this blog 🙂 I am putting this in for my reference!

“The story is extremely spell binding and the suspense is upheld till the very last page…” –, 7 Oct 2013

“Even though, the story moves at a clipping pace, the author, still manages to gently squeeze in some important messages – namely, not to be carried away by superstition, and more important the dangers of gambling and how addicting it could become.” – 

‘A page turning novel that will keep you on your toes and awake till you finish its last page’ – The Sentinel, Guwahati, 22 September 2013


Reviews for GHOK, 16-23 Sep

Sometimes ponder-worthy, sometimes wine-worthy. Reviews for The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong are beginning to pour in. This is just my way to share and track for myself all the goody thoughts I am getting. If you wouldn’t like to hear other opinions and instead, read it yourself, head to read bits of the book on Google Books.


“A crisp, mysterious tale, the novel unravels a web of mystery, deceit, hoaxes and supernatural events.” – Business Standard

“A breezy mystery that should appeal to its target audience.” – The New Indian Express

Ghost Hunters of Kurseong


“Hey I have started reading your book and I am really enjoying it. I must say that your writing style is really nice and engaging. The whole description of Kurseong makes me feel I am vacationing in hills. If you get what I am trying to say. Ruskin Bond books does that to me” –Ruchi Budhiraja Warikoo on Facebook

“Ghost Hunters is a brilliant debut in a space that Indian writers in English have for too long ignored.” – Kanishka Lahiri on

“This book brings me back to the days of children’s adventure stories of which i have read several in school.” – Ashwani Sharma on

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