The Occult Quiz

For the launching of my book, Cult of Chaos, which is a thrilling, quirky journey through the supernatural underworld of Delhi, I didn’t want to do a humdrum book launch, one where I invite another author or a celebrity, ask them to formally launch the book and then talk about things.
The idea stuck and we decided to do not just any quiz but a special one, on Occult Detectives to entertain the crowd. This was the first quiz we did ink at Atta Galata in Bangalore. The quiz was such a success that I had to repeat it in Delhi, where I did it at Oxford Bookstore.
Armed with a new quiz, made by Ashwani, my spouse, we did the super fun Tantric Tales at The Humming Tree in Bangalore.
If you want to do something similar in your space, connect with me.I would love to take this over at more bookstores, cafes, festivals and spaces. Contact me now.

Some visuals from the pre and post event coverage. And check out the buzz over at the Facebook event page.