Event: A graphic reading party in Bangalore

A reading party, a rather modern phenomenon of people coming together and being introduced to a genre or to read together, silently, sitting in a pub or a cafe, is a wonderful idea. Which is why when Gathr approached me for this event, I was quite excited. It’s happening this Thursday in Bangalore. I will be doing a talk on my love of comics, showing people the books I have, read other people’s collection of graphic novels and mostly celebrate the Indian comics genre. I hope there are more reading parties like this, that people sign up for and more and more people pick up Indian-made comics. Come over, peeps, if comics are your kind of a thing.

The fifth edition of our odd juxtaposition of reading and party finds us focusing on modern Indian graphic novels, a genre that is really finding its feet. We’ve curated a set of some of the most interesting new works available for your reading pleasure.
Get introduced to this (words-meets-visual art-meets-contemporary culture) form via a short talk by bestselling and critically acclaimed graphic novel author Shweta Taneja. She’ll touch upon recent artistic innovations, themes and provocations related to the set of graphic novels that you’ll subsequently get to sample.

We’d like to thank tropically-minded Nicobar for hosting this gathering at their charming, beautifully lit and spacious Lavelle Road Studio.

Tickets Rs 300

Event details and RSVP