Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?


The Centre for Internet and Society, in collaboration with the Knowledge Programme @ Hivos, conducted a scouting study of scholarship, practices, policies, anecdotes and attitudes towards digital natives. They have consolidated their three years of research in a four book collective Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?

I worked as an Executive Editor for this collective and was responsible for managing the whole project, all aspects of collaboration, content direction, designing and production as well as ensuring quality.

The books are available for free download at the CIS Website on this link. They will soon also be available as e-books in Amazon and other places. Will keep adding that!

D:Coding Digital Natives Kit

Another part of the Digital AlterNatives project was a beautiful bright yellow kit to explain the term ‘digital native’ to laypeople (like I was when I started this book!). The kit is a funky design created by an innovative graphic design firm Lucid Designs I was glad to have worked with. The kit comprises of a CD which has videos of youngsters changing the world right now, a booklet which makes you understand the term, really cool collective laptop stickers as well as a poster which can convert into postcards! It is a sigh-worthy collection to my projects. Here are a few initial design glimpses and believe me, the actual prints look better!


Unfortunately, the kits are not up for free download though I am assured that some part of it will be up soon enough. There are a few of these kits available at the CIS office for free distribution. For media coverage and book reviews, read here.

It was a beautiful seven-month project and I am glad I took out time to work on it.