Thanks for your interest in my articles! Before I charted out on to the frustratingly fascinating journey called storytelling, I used to be a journalist for many years (eight to be precise for those who like numbers). I still continue to write for HT Mint on health and technology and Discover India on travel. Here you will find samples of a few features I have done for print media like HT Mint, Time Out Bengaluru, Femina and Men’s Health India through the years. Do leave your comments!

Champion or pawn: What does your firm want? (Mint, Sep 2014)

How to remove that awkward feeling while exercising (Mint, Aug 2014)

Manage the cloud (Mint, Aug 2014)

Put a stop to mobile addiction (Mint, Jun 2014)

7 Silly things we do with smartphones (Mint, April 2014)

Twitter toes the line (Mint, April 2014)

The politics of Facebook (Mint, April 2014)

The story of us (Mint, Feb 2014)

Digital Star Wars (Mint, Dec 2013)

The Diwali SOS Manual (Mint, Oct 2013)

Protect your e-stash (Mint, Oct 2013)

Upcycle your gadgets (Mint, Jul 2013)

How to be invisible online (Mint, Jun 2013)

How to keep your gadgets cool (Mint, May 2013)

The new soulmate spaces (Mint, April 2013)

Share ship (Mint, March 2013)

Valentine’s Day – Love clicks (Mint, Feb 2013)

Boring party survival 101 (Mint, Dec 2012)

Who’s got the remote? (Mint, Dec 2012)

The right app(roach) for writing (Mint, Oct 2012)

Freelancing with friends (Mint, Aug 2012)

The smartphone recovery guide (Mint, Jul 2012)

Your favourite books, on the digital highway (Mint, Mar 2012)

Message across the e-ocean (Mint, Feb 2012)

A guide to online data plotting (Mint, Jan 2012)

Want to feel like James Bond? (Mint, Dec 2011)

Click Safe (Mint Sep 2011)

The circles of social networking (Mint, Jul 2011)

While online, thou shalt not… (Mint, Jun 2011)

Your laptop’s little friends (Mint, May 2011)

Iron those wrinkles away (Mint, April 2011)

Be a gym gentleman (Mint, Mar 2011)

Waking up to your online avatar (Mint Mar 2011)

Reinvent your virtual life (Mint, Mar 2011)

Unshackle the idiot box (Mint, Feb 2011)

The slow killer called sitting (Mint, Dec 2010)

The (anti) salt march (Mint, Oct 2010)

Fortify your online avatar (Mint, Sep 2010)

Heart of the matter (Mint, Sep 2010)

Be smart about your smartphone (Mint, Sep 2010)

Disguised as detox (Mint, July 2010)

The Dehydration Devil (Mint, May 2010)

Bio back guarantee (TimeOut, 2009)

Tangled up in brew (Time Out, 2009)

Bot next (Time Out, 2009)

Life of brain (Time Out, 2009)

Sons who helped their mother beat breast cancer (Men’s Health, 2008)