Short stories

Little wonders that come to you unexpectedly


Fantasy > The Daughter That Bleeds: A heart-wrenching, funny story of a man selling his daughter for her blood. Part of The Best Asian Speculative Fiction, an anthology by Kitaab, Singapore.

Fantasy > A Chudail Kitty Party: A situational humour story of a chudail who wants to leave her magic abilities behind. Part of Magical Women, anthology by Hachette India

Comic > My Zombie Babe: A brand new caper for detective Anantya Tantrist in a 20-page comic with amazing artwork by Devaki Naogi. Part of Necrobaba, an anthology of comic shorts by SyenaGiri.

Science fiction > Bhaisaab’s Bespoke Brides Boutique: A humourous dystopian take on arranged marriages and a shop selling custom-made brides. Part of India 2049, an upcoming anthology by Mithila Review. 


Comic > It’s a dog’s death: A short fantasy-horror comic in an anthology by Holy Cow Entertainment. Buy.

Mystery > Terror Strikes back: A short ghostly story in a children’s anthology Celebrate! Holi released by Hachette India. Buy.