Cult of Chaos, an Anantya Tantrist mystery


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The tantriks are now overground. They have their own council, police and justice systems. The Kaula Ashram of the white tantriks have emerged as the most powerful; their men are recognized tantriks, women intimate collaborators.
Then there is Anantya Tantrik, who has rejected the Kaula path. She is powerful and lives life by her own strict moral code. Who needs offical seals anyway? When the world goes to hell in a handcart, badges and honours aren’t going to save the day.
Incidentally, hell and chaos is exactly where the world is headed. In Delhi, little girls are being sacrificed in a tantrik ritual. A desperate daeva is trying to blackmail Anantya. Someone is trying to call up the God of Chaos. A three-headed giant cobra turns up in old Delhi. The White and Red tantriks are facing off, and there is one or more Black tantric brewing some dangerous shakti. As Anantya struggles to stop the madness, the supernatural underworld – peopled with creatures humanoid, barely  human and inhuman – comes alive in all its bloody, gory glory.

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Authors on Cult of Chaos

  • ‘Cult of Chaos is racy, rousing, rambunctious and rakshas-ful. Read immediately.’ – Samit Basu
  •  ‘An author with an impressive imagination and terrific storytelling skills’ – Ashwin Sanghi
  •  ‘Cult Of Chaos is a chick-lit take on the horrors of the megacity.’ – Zac O’Yeah


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  • Excerpted at DNA
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Book Reviews

  • ‘Anantya is one fiesty character.’ – Femina
  • Cult Of Chaos is a chick-lit take on the horrors of the megacity.’ – Mint
  • ‘Cult of Chaos promises to be a crime-busting story unlike any other.’ – Asian Age
  • ‘The terrible, scary and horrific side of society is explored…’ –Economic Times (Panache)
  • ‘Taneja sure knows how to get the readers hooked and hang in anticipation..’ – Mail TodayAnantya Tantrist is the new gumshoe in town’ – The Hindu
  • ‘Her protagonist is so well developed that she can have Twitter discussions with her.’ – The New Indian Express
  • “The launch of Shweta Taneja’s Cult of Chaos was just as unique as the genre she has explored in her book.” – The Hindu
  • “… the country’s first tantrik detective novel, which also talks about the key issue of women’s safety.” – Business Standard
  • ‘…engages and piques your interest at every level…’ – Deccan Chronicle
  • ‘Edgy thriller’ – Mid-Day
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42 Replies to “Cult of Chaos, an Anantya Tantrist mystery”

  1. What started of as a cacaphony of physical characteristics, temperaments, and catchphrases turned into an extraordinary adventure – detailed to extents which I had long believed Indian authors to be incapable of reaching. Anantya’s story is undoubtedly refreshing. What I loved most about it was the combination of tantrism, mythology, and science – with twists and turns and wild takes on all three subjects. I think that was what really made it truly impossible for me to stop reading – to know that something unexpected would be waiting for me on the next page. Thank you, Shweta, for bringing Anantya to life. She can teach all us women a thing or two about ass-kicking and not giving in to male domination.

    1. Thanks so much, Krithika for your kind words. It means a lot to me to see others connecting to Anantya as much as I do 🙂 Please try to post this review if you can on Goodreads/Flipkart/Amazon to help the book.

  2. Hi Shweta,

    I have been a fan of supernatural fiction for a long time and have read a lot of ( good and bad) western books on vampires, werewolves, fairies and so all. Always wondered ( & hoped) if somebody could write on the Indian mythical sups I read in my childhood and you finally did. Thank you anf Congratulations on the Cult of Chaos! I I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next two.

    1. Thanks for writing in Sonali! I am similar. Been a fan of fantasy since a long time and kept hoping someone writes one with Indian folklore/myths. When I saw nothing coming, wrote an urban fantasy myself (exactly the kind I wanted to read actually) 😉 Glad you enjoyed Anantya’s world. I’m quite enjoying building it up. Much more craziness coming up in the next two books! 🙂 Do recommend and review it online and spread some love.

  3. Hi Shweta, I got the book and reading it. It seems like a pure fantasy…

    Which parts of the novel I can consider as real…

    1. Thanks for writing in Pradeep! It’s inspired by reality and is only a shade away from it. Frankly even I won’t be able to tell you when the real finishes and the fantasy begins. Hope you’re enjoying it!

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