Tarantulas and all things not so tiny


Just read a report on how big, fat tarantulas manage to stick to things that they want to. Invisible spiderman-like silk threads keep them there. But this post is not really about the glues. Or about anything in particular actually. If I need a reason to post (this is my blog you know, and I can put whatever I want to, really) it would be that I loved the visual that’s put above. Spiders are such fascinating creatures for me and for a lot of many authors actually who keep creating superheroes, villains, monsters, horror stories and weird things with spiders in some form or another inserted. They inspire me in their creepy but slick style, almost make me poetic. Of all the creatures, spiders I would say, with their multiple hands and eyes which I cannot see, make me thing. What do you think this tarantula is thinking now?


I am about to jump

About to jump

On you.


One throw of thread

Silken and soft

Around your mouth

Silence abounds


As I weave around you

Thin, invisible bonds

Of horrifying fascination

That you may see, barely.

But that you may not still.


What do you think will happen

When you stop to see

To feel

To think

To be


And then you become

A strand of silk

Woven around




And lost.


See what I mean? Tarantulas make me attempt poetry. Which is a good thing, even if it’s sort of bad.