Two interviews and a confession

Last week, two interviews came out one after the other in the web for Cult of Chaos. One was over at a new website,, where Saurabh, a novelist himself, is collating gyan for newbie writers. The other came over at the b00kr3vi3ws blog, where Deb,  other than the usual stuff, asked me one question that was new and surprising.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

Fun? Writers? Are you serious? So I did what I do best: made stuff up. Here are the three I told him.

  • I am slightly schizophrenic and can have a conversation with Anantya on Twitter, using two separate devices.
  • I am a movie junkie and can watch five to six movies in a row
  • I love making up stories about facts and confusing children. Nephews and nieces have many times been left with a frown on their forehead.

The first thing I confessed to, is true. I have tried it. When I am writing from Anantya’s handle (@anantyatantrist), she speaks. When I use mine (@shwetawrites), I talk. It’s weird but true. Vidya, an avid blogger who invited me to guest blog on procrastination in writing, is currently reading Cult of Chaos right about now and confessed over email that she keeps confusing me and tries to call me ‘Anantya’. Well, I always wished Anantya became stronger in people’s head than me. I am boring. I sit all day long clanking on keys. Whereas Anantya is just so cool! See:

Anantya Tantrist on Twitter_ _sorry @DalrympleWill tantrism doesn't have sweet tasting stuff. Best of it smells of piss but works hellish

For the complete interviews, head to b00kr3vi3ws or