Short stories

Little wonders that come unexpectedly


Comic > My Zombie Babe: A brand new caper for detective Anantya Tantrist in a 20-page comic with amazing artwork by Devaki Naogi. Part of Necrobaba, an anthology of comic shorts by SyenaGiri.

Science fiction > Bhaisaab’s Bespoke Brides Boutique: A humourous dystopian take on arranged marriages and a shop selling custom-made brides. Part of India 2049, an upcoming anthology by Mithila Review. 

Fantasy > How to catch tears in a river of blood: Based in the Anantya Tantrist Mysteries world, this short story explores how Anantya became a tantrik detective. Part of an upcoming anthology of South Asian SFF by a renowned publisher.


Fantasy > La Fille qui saigne (French version of The Daughter That Bleeds): A heart-wrenching, funny story of a man selling his daughter in the fertility market. Translated by Mikael Cabon to French, published in Galaxies magazine. This story has been shortlisted for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Awards of 2020 in France. A huge honour!

Fantasy > Grandma Garam’s Kitty Party: A situational humour story of a chudail who wants to leave her magic abilities behind. Part of Magical Women, anthology by Hachette IndiaBuy.

Science Fiction > Agni’s Tattoo: What happens when AI-powered gods come into a destroyed, dystopian Mumbai, where caste groups rule? Released in Whose Future Is It? the first anthology published by Cellarius, a collaborative SF universe based on blockchain. Buy.

Fantasy > The Daughter That Bleeds: A heart-wrenching, funny story of a man selling his daughter in the fertility market. Part of The Best Asian Speculative Fiction, an anthology by Kitaab, Singapore. The story won the Editor’s Choice Award. Buy.

Comic > Obsolete Baby: A whimsical and darkly funny short comic that deals with giving birth and our obsession with technology. Illustrated by artist Kavita Nambissan, it released in Ground Zero Fourth Volume by MetaDesiComics

Comic > It’s a dog’s death: A short fantasy-horror comic in an anthology by Holy Cow Entertainment. Buy.

Mystery > Terror Strikes back: A short ghostly story in a children’s anthology Celebrate! Holi released by Hachette India. Buy.