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Deccan Chronicle, February 2015

The Hindu, February 2015

“A young student turns into a paranormal investigator to impress her boyfriend.” – Asian Age
“A paranormal adventure, full of romance, jealousy, folklore, gadgets and ghosts.” –The Hindu
“The story of How to Steal a Ghost @ Manipal is good. Really good.” – Aigu
“…one teenager’s experiences spirit-hunting across contemporary Manipal.” – Ministry of Magick
Made it to the Top of the Charts in the Juggernaut app.


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Cult of Chaos, an Anantya Tantrist Mystery

‘Anantya is one feisty character.’ – Femina
Cult Of Chaos is a chick-lit take on the horrors of the megacity.’ – Mint
‘Cult of Chaos promises to be a crime-busting story unlike any other.’ – Asian Age
‘The terrible, scary and horrific side of society is explored…’ –Economic Times (Panache)
‘Taneja sure knows how to get the readers hooked and hang in anticipation..’ – Mail Today
Anantya Tantrist is the new gumshoe in town’ – The Hindu
‘Her protagonist is so well developed that she can have Twitter discussions with her.’ – The New Indian Express
“The launch of Shweta Taneja’s Cult of Chaos was just as unique as the genre she has explored in her book.” – The Hindu
“… the country’s first tantrik detective novel, which also talks about the key issue of women’s safety.” – Business Standard
‘…engages and piques your interest at every level…’ – Deccan Chronicle
‘Edgy thriller’ – Mid-Day
In top ten in Asian Age, Oxford Bookstore, WH Smith Bookstores and Bahrisons Bookstores lists. 
Interview in Deccan Chronicle
Interview in Deccan Chronicle


Front page interview in The Hindu MetroPlus, February 2015
Front page interview in The Hindu MetroPlus, February 2015


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The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong

“The story flows smoothly and Kartik’s detective skills keep the reader interested and curious till the very end.” – The Hindu

“This book is a must-read as it’s both entertaining and frightening.” – RobinAge: Weekly Children’s Newspaper
“The gripping writing style, makes for an interesting read” – Bangalore Mirror
“Packed with equal amounts of humour and adventure, Shweta Taneja’s debut children’s novel makes for an entertaining read.” – Time Out Bengaluru
“A crisp, mysterious tale, the novel unravels a web of mystery, deceit, hoaxes and supernatural events.” – Business Standard
“Skilfully created, spontaneous and riveting.” – The Sunday Tribune 
“A breezy mystery that should appeal to its target audience.” – The New Indian Express
“The story is extremely spell binding and the suspense is upheld till the very last page…” –

“It is very difficult to find Indian writers writing well, but Shweta Taneja is a rare exception. She has written this exquisitely, adding action, mystery, suspense, humour all at in right amounts.” –

11 December 2013_ The Hindu _ Metro Plus_ Pg 03

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The Skull Rosary

Nominated for The Best Writer and The Best Cover in the Comic Con India 2013 awards!

18 Jan 2014, City Express

“Good and evil are a lot more subjective in this book.” – Bleeding Cool, UK

“Explores taboo subjects and provides a perspective on the humane emotions experienced by a God” – The New Indian Express
“The Skull Rosary comes as a breath of fresh air….Five stories – each exploring ideas of wrath, revenge, lust and incest”  – Bangalore Mirror

“Curiosity about the darker side of Shiva” – Mid Day

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Krishna Defender of Dharma

Reprinted many times over and included in CBSE School Reading List

“Quick glimpses of one of the world’s oldest and most dramatic stories, with at least hints of its religious and moral underpinnings.”  – Kirkus Magazine

“It’s simply fantastic. A great job towards the young generation by writing this masterpiece. Congratulations!” – Adi Yogi Das, Theatre Artist,  ISKCON, Delhi through email
“The colors and the aesthetics are immaculate.” – Selva Gangapathy, Delhi on
“Superb book. Covers pretty much all aspects of Krishna’s life in a very concise manner. Graphics are amazing as well.” – N Kiran Kumar, Delhi on

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