Have a question on the travails of writing or want to talk to someone? Contact me over email at meATshwetawritesDOTcom


With more than 14 years of experience, 7 books and 200+ articles I can write anything in non-fiction or fiction. My interest in fiction is fantasy and comics. In non-fic I like writing on travel, technology and the social sector. LinkedIn

Communication advisor

I constantly look out for interesting communication projects to pick up. My interest lies in the social sector and the startup industry. Currently I’m advisor to Kalaage and Buzz IndiaPast projectsLinkedIn

Editor/Critical Assessment

I occasionally take up projects where I read others’ fiction and give my critical assessment. Contact me if you’re looking for feedback on your work. I will be fair and honest. LinkedIn

 Workshops, events and talks

Have a workshop with kids or adults? Need someone on the podium or in a panel? Need someone to talk on creative writing, the supernatural or editing skills? In the past I’ve done a detective workshop, an occult quiz and taught how to make comics to kids. I’ve also done a workshop in the Cartoon Museum, London on comics and was in a panel on women in comics in ComicConLinkedIn

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